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Emsi Open Titles

Simplifying and standardizing the job title ecosystem

The goal of Emsi Open Titles is to create a common standard for job titles that will improve the connection between people and employers.

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The Problem

When it comes to job titles, employers and workers often speak a different language. This misalignment establishes a foundation that keeps the two groups from easily connecting with one another. The result?

  • Employers struggle to fill open roles because the job titles used in their job postings don't match the way people search for new opportunities.
  • People struggle to find relevant jobs because employers use different job titles to describe the same jobs.
  • Organizations struggle to benchmark their workforce characteristics against the external labor market. Think compensation comparisons, diversity and inclusion alignment, and workforce growth and sustainability measures.

Emsi's solution: a common job titles language

A common job-title language is the first step to connect people and employers. That’s the goal of Emsi Open Titles, the first comprehensive list of titles modeled from employer job descriptions, resumes, and online professional profiles.

By simplifying the language they use to label work, employers can construct job descriptions using common titles: titles that their target audience will understand. The result? Jobseekers find the right opportunities, and employers make the right hires.

A second benefit of a common job-title language is that employers can now benchmark their roles with the outside world. This is an integral first step required to perform the level of business analyses quickly becoming the standard in modern people and workforce analytics practices, such as:

Organizational design

Comparing your supply of talent to the external availability of talent.

Enhanced recruitment analysis

Aligning your open jobs to the available supply and cost of talent in a given location.

Compensation analysis and benchmarking

Comparing your pay rates to external benchmarks for similar roles.

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Open Titles library

We created the library by distilling over 20 million raw titles from the labor market to roughly 75,000. We update the library every two weeks, monitoring job descriptions and profiles for new and emerging titles. Search the entire library for free!

How Emsi Open Titles helps

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your organization's job title and description

Parse & normalize

Standard SOC, Emsi Titles, and Emsi Skills


External labor market data context with role and skill benchmarks

Skill ID

Create actionable skill profiles for your normalized roles with Emsi's Skill ID!

  • Measure your skill gaps
  • Strategically upskill your people
  • Benchmark against your roles or the competition
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Get Free API Access

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What is included with free API access to Emsi Open Titles?

  • Access to every job title in Emsi Open Titles
  • Names and unique machine-readable IDs
  • Autocomplete search
  • Limited access to our job title normalization API (50 total calls)


Partners Supporting Emsi Open Titles

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a title?

In Emsi Open Title's, a title is anything that defines or describes someone's role.

How are job titles selected for inclusion?

We select job titles from online job descriptions, resumes, and professional profiles.

What is unique about Emsi Open Titles?

Emsi Open Titles is unique because our titles reflect the actual names of job titles in the real world.

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